TLJ Director Rian Johnson Changed Chris Evans' Knives Out Profanity-Filled Scene

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
November 19, 2019  12:21 PM


Rian Johnson’s Knives Out is set to premiere just a week from now. The movie shows promise, especially with a star-studded cast. One of the most anticipated actors in the movie is Avengers: Endgame star Chris Evans. Seen in the trailer, his character seems to be a complete opposite compared to his role as Captain America. However, the trailer scene was actually less profane than what was initially planned.

Johnson recently spoke on CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast. In the process of talking about his upcoming movie, The Last Jedi director revealed that he changed Evans’ scene. In the trailer, Evans was saying “eat sh*t”, left and right to his co-stars. However, he was originally supposed to say “f*ck you” multiple times. 

He says he really wanted the movie to be PG-13. His reason was he would want kids to be able to watch movies within the same genre with their family because that was also the age where he “got into this stuff.” He claims the script originally had a lot more f-bombs in it.

Even though it would be acceptable to just let Evans go with the profanity-filled scene, Johnson wouldn’t want the movie to be R-rated, for kids to enjoy. That being said, it would be epic to see Evans curse multiple times because fans have always seen him in Captain America’s role, who is a righteous man and does not appreciate such behavior. If he were to continue with that scene, it would be a significant change to his superhero role.

However, the choice to keep the movie PG-13 might be the best decision. This could bring in a potentially larger audience, including teens who appreciate whodunnit movies.

Knives Out is set to premiere on November 27.

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