Star Wars Reveals Luke Nearly Died at the Hands of a Mysterious Woman

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
September 02, 2020  02:45 PM


Charles Soule’s current Star Wars series is set to reveal Luke Skywalker’s journey before the events of Return of the Jedi. In the sixth issue, set to arrive in a few weeks, will see the character in quite some trouble. has recently shared a preview of Star Wars #6, showing a mysterious woman whose only goal is to seemingly end Luke’s life. This woman was said to have been previously hunted by Darth Vader himself, and it looks like she plans to take revenge.

As the woman watches Luke drown, she talks about how Vader and his inquisitors chased her all across the galaxy because she “had a touch of the Force” and might have been a Jedi someday. 

As she says goodbye to Luke, hoping that he’d die a slow death, R2-D2 saves the day. The trusty droid managed to pull his master out of the water just in time and zaps him to the chest to revive him. You can check out the pages below!


This sixth issue will reveal that Luke’s trials have only just begun and that his duel against Vader is only just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, the Sith Lord is on a search for his long-lost son. 

THE PATH TO JEDI WISDOM…OR A DEADLY TRAP OF THE DARK SIDE? THE FORCE led LUKE SKYWALKER to someone who can provide him with great insight into the path to JEDI wisdom…But their meeting will change Skywalker FOREVER. Luke thought his duel against his father, Darth Vader, was the ultimate test. But Luke’s trials have only just begun. The galaxy needs Luke Skywalker. And a Jedi needs a weapon! Meanwhile, Vader continues his search for his long-lost son, and the REBEL ALLIANCE finds itself on the verge of a losing all hope.

Written by Charles Soule with artist Jesus Saix and cover by R.B. Silva, Marvel’s Star Wars #6 arrives September 16.

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