Spider-Man: Far From Home's Daily Bugle Reportedly has its Own YouTube Channel

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
October 24, 2019  04:15 PM


Spider-Man: Far From Home hit theaters back in June of this year. When Marvel released the Blu-Ray for the movie, what came along with it is The Daily Bugle’s official website which was only released last month. And apparently, Daily Bugle is also getting its own YouTube Channel.

The Daily Bugle just released a new article titled A True Hero: The Magnificent Mysterio. The article contains somewhat of a dedication to Mysterio claiming that he “stood for truth and justice” even moments before his death. There is an attached video of Quentin Beck where he revealed that Spider-Man wasn’t a hero, but a murderer. Daily Bugle claims that Mysterio led them to “an even bigger story,” leaving them with an “encryption.” 

This article clearly pertains to the mid-credits scene from Far From Home where Peter Parker was swinging through New York City with MJ. Then suddenly, J. Jonah Jameson states a report about Mysterio leaving footage before he died.

Pointed out by Redditor u/__the_rayder__, the video attached within the article led to a link that reveals Daily Bugle apparently has an official channel of their own. You can check out the video from the channel below.



The Daily Bugle YouTube channel currently has 1k subscribers. It isn’t revealed by the company yet, so there’s no telling if it is indeed official. However, given that The Daily Bugle website linked the video to the channel, it could mean that this is an indirect announcement for their own YT channel.

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