Russo Brothers Might Direct Another Marvel Movie Sooner Than You Think

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
September 11, 2019  04:50 PM

With the success of Avengers: Endgame, directors Joe and Anthony Russo’s trek on film-making is being eyed on. Although, it is evident that the Russo brothers have chosen to take a break for the rest of the year.

This doesn’t mean that the two don’t have any plans yet though. It is possible that both of them are developing future projects that would feature stories they would love to tackle, stories that they have “always been attracted to”.

One example of this is their recently directed movie, Mosul, which was just released last September 4th. They are currently in Toronto promoting the said movie.

Mosul was entirely shot in Arabic as it was an effort to make the film “as authentic as possible." Ironically, it was based on a true story that was adapted from an article by New Yorker back in 2017 titled, “The Avengers of Mosul." It features a war story about the Ninevah SWAT team that will fight against the ISIS. 

There’s more to that besides the very fitting name that brought the Russos to direct this film. In a recent interview with SyFy, the Russos revealed that Stephen McFeely, Avengers: Endgame screenwriter (and their partner in AGBO), actually showed them the article.

Anthony mentioned that they were still in the middle of “executing Infinity War and Endgame” and how they actually thought about what their first project should be after that.

And as McFeely showed the article saying that it’s the “most amazing article” he has ever read and that even though they're in the middle of filming Endgame, they felt a “real sense of urgency” to start the film. As it was a story “that needs to be told ASAP”. 

Anthony claims that no other film company “would've made this film’. And since they acknowledged this to be true, they tried their very best to “shepherd the movie through the system properly” as they “don't know that anybody else ever would've."

Although they have made remarkable work under Marvel, they still started as “independent filmmakers” with a low budget. This resulted in the Russos being interested in politics that led them to film such a striking story.

With the Russo brothers choosing to cover films with stories like this, this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t possibly be working with Marvel in the future. As Joe mentioned that “there’s lots of things that could attract them”. 

Joe shares that growing up, he has seen John Byrne’s X-Men and that he loved the Thing. And since Fantastic Four is now “in the Marvel fold”, it is very much possible that Russo’s might step back into filming such movies soon enough for MCU.

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