GOTG's Ravager Taserface Reveals To Have Worshipped Tony Stark As A God

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
September 16, 2019  04:55 PM

Guardians of the Galaxy's Taserface was a Ravager mercenary and was a lieutenant in Yondu’s ravager clan. When Yondu was exiled, Taserface was the one who led a mutiny against Yondu. He did this since he thought that Yondu isn’t suitable as a Ravager captain.

As seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Taserface made this possible with Nebula’s help. Resulting in a brutal execution of the Ravagers that were loyal to Yondu. Whilst imprisoning Kraglin, Rocker, Baby Groot, and Yondu himself.

Taserface managed to tip off the Sovereign that resulted in the Battle on planet Ego before he was killed by Yondu when they managed to escape the Eclector.

It was evident that the majority of Taserface’s screentime in the movie involved others making fun of his name. Even though he wasn’t a fan favorite, Taserface’s origins weren’t really explored. With Yondu killing him off, it’s obvious we won’t be getting a story on that. 

In a recent post on Reddit under the username RedditZacuzi, he shared that Taserface’s origins weren’t at all what we expected. 

He is said to belong in a race that was called Stark. This was the result of Tony Stark launching the arsenal of technology into space during the second invasion of earth by the Martian Masters. Tony believed that it would be devastating for the Martians to possess such technology.

The rocket is said to have crashed on an alien world where a tribe of primitive blue and purple-skinned aliens lived. After a few years, the said tribe investigated the rocket only to find a cache of Stark technology.

They eventually grew into an industrial civilization whilst studying the technology. Going as far as naming their planet Stark, building him a gold statue, and claiming him as a god.

Over a few years, the Stark were depleted of their resources and had to conquer other worlds for this. Resulting in recking these places as they did with theirs.

It’s actually fascinating to see such characters with an interesting past turn into such creatures in the present. It’s definitely unexpected and in my opinion, it seems a bit cool. Considering the fact the Tony didn’t know about this and it would actually be a sight if he found out.

Taserface will be featured as a supporting cast in the show What If slated for release in summer 2021.

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