Nathan Fillion Addresses Rumors About His 'Super-Duper Secret' The Suicide Squad Role

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
February 20, 2020  11:42 AM


Last year, James Gunn revealed the cast list for The Suicide Squad and among the newcomers to the franchise is Castle alum, Nathan Fillion. His role is still undisclosed but fans have since been speculating that he’ll play the character Arm-Fall-Off Boy, but the director has already debunked that rumor. However, the actor is okay with the character that fans think he’ll play in the film because it keeps him from revealing the real one he’ll take on.

"That was never a comic I really dived into so I didn't really know who that was that they were talking about," Fillion told SiriusXM. “And it certainly wasn’t the name that I was reading in the script.”

He says fans should just “go for it” and go with whatever they think is great as long as they aren’t asking him about the real character he’ll be playing. “It’s so secret, it’s so super-duper secret,” Fillion teased. “Everything you get from them has your name plastered across it so that you can never distribute it, they'll know.”

Fillion admits that he “starts to sweat a little bit” whenever people start coming close to what he thinks is something accurate. “I'm the worst liar, I'm the worst, I couldn't play poker to save my life."

Based on his comments, it looks like his role is super important that he can barely talk about it in the fear of spoiling anything that comes remotely close to the topic about his character. While it won’t be revealed soon enough, his comments will just certainly get the fans eager to find out which character it is.

Which character do you think Fillion will be playing in The Suicide Squad? Share your guesses in the comments below!

The Suicide Squad is set for release on August 6, 2021.

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