Marvel Releases The Amazing Spider-Man 2099 Trailer

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November 06, 2019  09:40 AM


Marvel is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and to commemorate this event, Marvel will be looking at 80 years into the future with the launch of their 2099 one-shots. The first of the series is The Amazing Spider-Man 2099. And now, fans will get a better understanding of the story with the newly released trailer.

This event ties to The Amazing Spider-Man book released back in the ‘90s. Nick Spencer will bring back the story of Miguel O’Hara who will travel back in time from an uncertain future. Spencer points out that he wanted to “capture the spirit of the original 2099.” So even though they’ll be making a completely new version and take on the story, it will still be a nod to the original and possibly be more “connective.”

You can check out the trailer below.

Nick Lowe, the executive editor, says that he’s most excited about the fact that Spencer, the writers, and the editors will be “in the same space” as the writers and editor were back in 1992. He also claims that this comic will “give you views of the future you’ve never seen before.”

Doctor Doom is said to be showing up, as well as The Foreigner. There are more unexpected characters to appear in the story, but most of the details are kept under wraps. Lowe thinks its best to keep them as a surprise for the readers. He also claims that this 2099 series won’t be a “what if.” Instead, it is the future of the Marvel universe.

The first chapter of The Amazing Spider-Man 2099 will arrive on November 6th, and Marvel 2099 one-shots will be released this December.

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