Lucifer Season 6 Reportedly in Jeopardy Over Contract Dispute

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
April 17, 2020  04:13 PM


Following the success of its fifth season, which is supposedly Lucifer's last one, the popularity of the series keeps growing amongst fans and the general audience. The show is expected to be renewed for a possible sixth season, but it looks like things aren’t going smoothly with actor Tom Ellis and Warner Bros. Television.

In a report from TVLine, their sources claim that re-negotiations between both parties have “come to a standstill” because Ellis is allegedly rejecting the studio’s offer. The outlet pointed out that the actor has a season six deal already in place, so the failure of honoring the deal might result in a breach of contract.

The report says Warner Bros. TV has the “legal upper hand” yet the studio has gone back and “sweetened the pot” multiple times. The insider says everyone wants Tom to be happy, yet there is a limit, and it has been reached.

Lucifer made its debut back in 2015 on Fox and after three seasons, it was saved by Netflix in 2018. With more and more fans tuning in, the show eventually made it to its fifth and (supposedly) final season, yet to be released on the streaming platform. The character has even expanded through a cameo in the Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths

For now, there’s no comment from both Ellis and Warner Bros. TV, but here’s to hoping that everything goes smoothly. 

The fifth season of Lucifer is expected to air on Netflix later this year.

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