King Thor Features The Return Of A Familiar Villain

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
September 11, 2019  02:38 PM

Jason Aaron returns to the very beginning after writing Thor with the recently released comics entitled King Thor #1. He also collaborated with artist Esad Ribic who he has previously worked with on Thor: God of Thunder.

Although it goes back to square one, this particular issue doesn’t only show Loki as one of Thor’s nemesis. The story involves a familiar face set to maybe be one of Thor’s enemies.

Spoilers ahead! The story is set in the future where King Thor of Asgard tries his best to save what is left of Midgard along with his granddaughters, Atli, Frigg, and Ellisiv.

Since there’s very little hope that remains, the Goddesses of Thunder took a journey to the Ompnipotence City to find out what information they could acquire and assimilate.

While this is ongoing, the All-Black Necrosword, a weapon designed to kill gods, keeps getting passed over from different owners, getting worse as it progresses. Galactus has possessed the said Necrosword, as well as Ego. However, Loki has consumed Ego and made the Necrosword his own. 

With the possession of All-Black, Loki tries to confront his brother once again. As the fight ensued, Thor did his very best to an extent where he tosses Loki into a sun. This is nothing to Loki, though, as he traps Mjolnir in the sun, escapes, and pins Thor down.

While Loki has a clear advantage of the situation, this was disrupted by Loki getting pierced with a black blade. It was then revealed at the very last page that the creature responsible for this is Gorr the God Butcher.

Gorr was an alien who has greatly resented the gods as he perceived that he was abandoned by them. This anger and rage were fueled by discovering the remains of two dead gods on his planet. He has seen the All-Black the Necrosword in the hands of the dead god. Upon this discovery, he later used this as a weapon of destruction that took three Thors to stop Gorr’s evil doings.

This situation seems ironic since Gorr resented gods. Yet he turned into one with the use of the Necrosword and killing off other gods. Which leads to Thor calling him as the God Butcher.

King Thor #1 has been released and is now available for purchase.

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