Keanu Reeves is the Ghost Rider in Epic Deepfake Video

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
November 08, 2019  01:36 PM


Keanu Reeves has always been adored by many fans. His projects were always met with great success and is seen as a very kind man in real life. This could be the reason why so many people would love for him to do a project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the characters that fans would like to see Reeves play is Ghost Rider. And a newly released video could show us just what The Matrix alum would look like if he would ever play the character.

A YouTube channel called EXRyderX47 uploaded an epic deepfake video which shows Reeves as the Ghost Rider from the 2007 movie in which Nicolas Cage starred in. You can check out his work below.



The almost 3-minute long clip features Reeves replacing Cage as Johnny Blaze, who is now powered up with a thousand souls and is in the midst of a fight with Wes Bentley’s Blackheart. 

Multiple fans always reimagine Reeves in different movies or shows as a cool character that they think would be cool for him to play. Seeing how Reeves makes everything he is in success, it’s no wonder why the fan-favorite actor is wanted by directors and producers.

Last month, Fast & Furious writer Chris Morgan revealed that he has met with the actor for a role in the Fast franchise in the future. Also, back in June, Kevin Feige admitted that Marvel talks to Reeves for almost every film he makes in order to figure out which character would best suit him. However, Reeves has a very hectic schedule and is always trying to figure out how he can juggle multiple projects which results in him not being included in the aforementioned franchises yet.

What do you think of Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider? Tell us your thoughts below!

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