Joss Whedon Would Allegedly 'Dismiss' and 'be Negative' about Zack Snyder's Justice League on Set

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
July 03, 2020  01:56 PM


Earlier this week, Justice League star Ray Fisher retracted the praises he made about Joss Whedon and the movie reshoots. The actor doubled down on his comments, saying that the director was abusive on set, adding that Geoff Johns and John Berg enabled Whedon. Actor Alan Tudyk is in doubt of Fisher’s accusations, but filmmaker Kevin Smith backs up the latter actor.

During the latest episode of Smith’s Fatman Beyond podcast, he and writer Marc Bernardin were discussing the arising situation between Fisher and Whedon. The Clerks director then recalled a conversation he had with one of the special effects team on Justice League, revealing that Whedon would actively be negative about Snyder’s version of the movie. While Smith pointed out that he hasn’t experienced it first-hand, but it lines up with Fisher’s claims.

Whedon would allegedly “cut down, dismiss” and “be negative” about Snyder’s version, which he has seen. It would also be "uncomfortable" on set since the people Whedon is talking to about it are the ones who were part of making Snyder's version as well. Smith says this could be the "unprofessional" behavior that Fisher was talking about.



Smith pointed out that this is seen as unprofessional because the director is badmouthing Snyder's version, especially since he came in to help out during a "bad moment" in Snyder's life. That being said, Smith made it clear that this isn't a fact. This is only something he was told about, but it does line up with Fisher's recent accusations about Whedon.

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