John Boyega Admits He was Responsible for The Rise of Skywalker Script Ending Up on eBay

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November 27, 2019  09:57 AM


Earlier this week, The Rise of Skywalker director revealed that a legit script ended up for sale on eBay because an actor left it under their bed. Following the director’s appearance on Good Morning America, Daisy Ridley said she wasn’t responsible for what happened, but hinted that a certain co-star to appear on the show soon is the one that caused the incident. And now, Star Wars fans could finally confirm who that actor is.

John Boyega, who plays the role of Finn in Episode IX, recently made an appearance on GMA. The actor was asked regarding the script that ended up for sale, and when pressed for answers, Boyega finally admitted that he was responsible, but he points out that it’s entirely an accident.

“Let me tell you how this one went down,” Boyega said. He claims that he was moving apartments at the time, and thought, “You know what, I’ll leave it under my bed.” Boyega then said to himself that he would take the script when he wakes up the following day and move. However, the actor’s friends came over and Boyega admits that they “started partying a little bit.” After that, the script “just stayed there.”

“Then a few weeks after, you know, a cleaner comes in,” he added. Just like what Abrams stated, the cleaner found the script and put it up for sale on eBay. Boyega claimed it was tagged for 65 pounds on the site, and joked about how “the person didn’t know the true value” of the script.

Boyega was kidding when he stated that Star Wars fans will get the “opportunity” to read it before the movie even comes out, and that maybe he was “actually onto something.” But of course, we wouldn’t want any secret to come out yet. Fortunately, a staff from Disney got the script back before anyone else could have bought it. 

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20.

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