Hugh Jackman Recalls Emotional Last Moments as Wolverine

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June 29, 2020  03:48 PM


Hugh Jack portrayed Wolverine in nine movies, starting with 2000’s X-Men, with 2017’s Logan serving as the beloved hero’s heartfelt send-off. Saying goodbye to Wolverine after 19 years, it wouldn’t be a surprise for fans to get emotional, and the actor knew it would be a bigger ordeal when it was time to hang up his claws.

In a recent episode of Variety's Actors on Actors with Anne Hathaway, Jackman discussed filming his death scene and parting ways with the character after almost 2 decades. “There were so many crossovers by the end because I’d played it for so long,” Jackman said. “I knew it was going to be my last one way before we wrote it. I made that decision.” 

The actor admits there was a “weight of expectation” that he has been carrying. Filming his last scene as Wolverine, he was “super invested” and “felt so in it” too. “I was working with a director that I worked with three times before, who I trust implicitly, Jim Mangold,” he continued. “I remember when we shot that scene, we were shooting very high altitude, and there were thunderstorms going off everywhere, and we had to shut down.”



Jackman recalled that they weren’t able to do a “big stunt scene” so they just immediately went with the death scene, with the actor pointing out that Mangold knew what was “best” for him.  When Jackman shot his scene with Dafne Keen, after two takes, the director said to “just stop the clocks” and “not worry about everything.” Since it’s the end of 19 years, Mangold told Jackman to just “sit it in for half an hour.”

“He rolled the cameras,” Jackman added. “Him allowing me — not just as an actor, but as Hugh — to remember that moment. It was a luxury that I’ll never forget.”

It’s still unclear whether Jackman will eventually return to the role, but the actor seems happy and content with his exit from the X-Men franchise.

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