Henry Cavill on Justice League: 'It didn't work'

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
November 19, 2019  01:14 PM


Two years have passed since Justice League made its premiere. The movie has faced issues along the way and has disappointed some fans with its final cut. The Snyder Cut movement received a lot of support from fans and notable figures from the franchise earlier this week. Henry Cavill, who played Superman in three DC movies, has remained quiet about the matter on social media. But a recent interview shares his thoughts about the film.

Speaking with Men’s Health, Cavill revealed his assessments of the three films he starred in. He thinks Man of Steel was a great starting point. He says if he were to go back, he wouldn’t change anything. This shows that he was most confident in his first movie. Next, he claims that Batman V Superman was “very much a Batman movie.” Cavill says the “realm of darkness is great for a Batman movie.” When asked about his thoughts on the Justice League, the actor simply answered, “It didn’t work.”

Some fans might agree with Cavill’s opinion about Justice League. After all, the Snyder Cut Movement was part of the fans’ efforts to get Warner Bros. to release the director’s original version; which most of them would like to see and are dedicated to making it happen. This suggests that there is, in fact, something that “didn’t work” within the movie that might’ve led fans in the hopes to witness Zack Snyder’s original cut for Justice League.

What do you think of Cavill’s comments about the movie? Do you agree with him? Tell us in the comments below!

You can catch Cavill in The Witcher which will be available to stream on December 20 on Netflix.

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