Arrow Series Finale Originally Had Batman in It

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
March 26, 2020  02:51 PM


The CW’s Arrow concluded after eight seasons and although the series finale was a great send-off to the titular character, producer Marc Guggenheim had a different ending planned for it that involves the Dark Knight.

Guggenheim talked about this in a recent interview with the Fake Nerd Podcast, in which he explained how at one point, he thought of another ending where Arrow’s death inspires Batman. “I kind of had a little bit of a fantasy that Oliver would die, and you'd end with some sort of news broadcast talking about his legacy and that would sort of become voice over,” he said. “And then you would go to this rooftop in a whole other city and on the cuts a thug or some bad guy would come crashing through the frame, having been punched off-screen.”

He described this idea further, saying that there would be a pair of black boots that would step right in front of the thug, and a “flutter” of a cape. A voice-over would then be heard, revealing that Oliver Queen inspired “a whole new generation of vigilantes,” with one of those being Batman.

Obviously, Guggenheim didn’t go through with the idea. “That, of course, didn’t happen for a variety of different reasons,” he explained. “The least of which is Batwoman came along.” That said, he pointed out that the Batman ending was his “original conception.”

Would you have preferred to see Batman make an appearance in the Arrow finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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