Japanese Pop Star Win Morisaki Joins ‘Ready Player One’ As Daito

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Steven Spielberg is carefully nit-picking his cast list for his film adaptation of Ernest Cline's best-selling YA novel, Ready Player One. As a result, the movie’s talents consist of both veteran actors as well as newcomers. Well, the filmmaker has added another actor into the latter.

According to Variety, Japanese pop star Win Morisaki, who’s the lead vocalist of Japanese boy band, PrizmaX, has landed the role of Daito in Ready Player One. He also has experience with acting, having appeared in handpicked roles in film and television in Japan.

Morisaki’s character, Daito, is one half of a team of Japanese teens "Gunters" known as Shoto and Daito, who are on a mission to unearth the hidden treasure in the virtual world of Oasis. Daito’s real name is Toshiro Yoshiaki, and his nickname was taken from a kind of traditional samurai sword.

While Daito is a supporting character in Ready Player One, his role is a fundamental part in James Halliday's quest for the infamous easter eggs before the villainous Nolan Sorrento does. He provides the group some motivation in times of need during their quest.

I’m pretty sure Spielberg knows what he’s doing. While Morisaki does not have enough background in the Western entertainment industry, there’s probably something in Morisaki that blew Spielberg’s mind when he auditioned for the role. That much is clear in Morisaki’s performances with PrizmaX, seen here.

There are many things to anticipate in Ready Player One, and Morisaki’s performance as Daito has been added to our list.

Ready Player One hits theaters on March 30, 2018.

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