Why Jim Butcher's Next Dresden Files Book is Taking So Long

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January 15, 2019  12:34 PM


It's been four-and-a-half years since Jim Butcher's Skin Game was released, and now, fans are wondering why the next Dresden Files novel, Peace Talks, is taking so long to come out. The first chapter for Peace Talks was already revealed to backers of the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game on Kickstarter two years ago but it's already 2019, and the novel still doesn't have an official release date. 

Jim Butcher's official website has provided an explanation to why the release of Peace Talks is taking so long. According to the jim-butcher.com, the author's personal problems in the past several years have affected his pace. Below is a list of Jim's personal reasons: 

> Got divorced, with all the fallout that comes from that.

> His dog died, who was “the brains of the operation” as Jim tells it.

> Got engaged, then remarried.

> Moved to another state to live with his fiancee, now wife.

> Lived in an apartment with no private writing space for years longer than intended because the contractor building his new house blew the deadline by a couple years at least.

The update went on to say that as of January 14, 2018, the current draft of Peace Talks is up to Chapter 40. 

I remember seeing Jim Butcher at Dragon Con a few years ago and I was surprised to see that his fiance (now wife). The Chicago-based author used to pump out a Dresden Files novel every year so it's quite unusual for him to take this long to complete his next novel. I just hope it won't take as long as George R.R. Martin. I won't be surprised if the novel comes out in a year or two.

Last June, Jim published his second anthology of Dresden Files short stories called Brief Cases

Jim Butcher is planning to write Book #2 of his Cinder Spires series after he completes Peace Talks. It will be called The Olympian Affair

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