When Can You Buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tickets?

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - September 15, 2015

Are you going to be one of the millions of Star Wars fans lining up on The Force Awakens' release day on December 18 (or if you live in the UK or France, at an earlier date)?

If you are, I'm sure you're thinking about pre-ordering tickets for the opening week because most likely, they're probably going to be sold out quick. But when can we buy tickets? Well, according to a rumor, fans can start buying tickets next month. 

The following details came from Full of Sith's Facebook page (via /Film):

Your wallet’s gotten a workout since Force Friday, but you’re probably wondering “When do I get to spend money on the the good stuff? **When can I buy tickets to The Force Awakens?**” OCTOBER 19th. That’s when. At least if you’ve got a Century or Cinemark theater nearby. Although it’s likely a safe bet your Regals and your AMCs will have their box-offices waiting to recieve your moneys around the same time. Speaking of bets (safe or otherwise) odds seem decent there *might* be a trailer right around that date to help push people towards that open and waiting box-office on the 19th. Maybe that day. Maybe the prior weekend. Maybe a week previous. Who knows. Anyway: OCTOBER 19th. Tickets for The Force Awakens go on sale. There you go.

We're not sure if Full of Sith podcast is a reliable source or not, but for these type of situations, news leaks out first from exhibitor sources. And most Star Wars leaks have hit Star Wars fan sites first. 

Note that theater chains would need to begin planning and schedule staff for possible box office madness. If this rumor is legit, are you going to preorder tickets for The Force Awakens


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