Watch This Magic: The Gathering Player's Epic Win With Double Gutshot at Grand Prix Las Vegas 2019

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
August 24, 2019  11:13 PM


At MagicFest Las Vegas this weekend, one Magic: The Gathering player managed to have the exact two cards he needs to end his opponent before his opponent could end him: two copies of "Gutshot". 

During Round 10 of the Grand Prix Modern event at MagicFest Las Vegas, Joseph Ambrosio's Mono Red Prowess deck was going against Tyler Putnam's Mardu Deathshadow deck. The ending was pretty close and intense on Game 3, when both players are in lethal range: Even though Ambrosio still had 13 life, Putnam's "Death Shadow" and "Tidehollow Sculler" were enough to deal lethal damage in one attack. Watch what happens in this Twitch clip from Channelfireball: 

In the clip, you can see that Ambrosio plays "Risk Factor", giving Putnam a choice to take 4 damage or let his opponent draw 2 cards. With Putnam's "Death Shadow" in play, taking the 4 damage would make his Shadow an 11/11, coupled with the 2 damage from "Tidehollow Sculler" would threaten the exact 13 damage he needs to take down Ambrosio, so he decides to do that since putting lethal damage on the board when the opponent is tapped out is usually a good thing but Ambrosio luckily had the exact two cards he needs to win the game even if he's tapped out: double "Gutshot" to deal the last 2 damage to the Shadow player before the "Death Shadow" can take him down.

This is an amazing win and a rare moment to watch. Despite Hogaak ruining the Modern format and Magic pro Ben Stark ranting about it at Grand Prix Vegas, it's spectacular to see the hyped ending of this close match at the event. This shows that not all decisions in the game of Magic are easy, and results could go either way depending on whose side luck is on. 

This win reminds me of Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas's epic win with "Gutshot" at Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch. You can watch it below: 


Watch our new Magic Arena video below: 


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