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Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - June 03, 2018

Wizards of the Coast

You may not like the Top 8 of Magic: The Gathering's Pro Tour Dominaria because of the lack of diversity of the Standard decks that made it but at least the matches were worth watching, especially the finals between Portugal's Goncalo Pinto and USA's Wyatt Darby. 

Pinto was running Red/Black aggro and Darby was running Mono-Red. The first to win three games becomes the Pro Tour Dominaria Champion. Darby got the first two wins before players are able to board in cards. Then on Game 3 and 4, Pinto managed to beat Darby to even out the score: 2-2. The fifth and final game would determine who wins. Pinto had the advantage most of the game but at the end, Darby, who was at 1 life, drew the perfect card he needed to win to deplete Pinto's remaining 11 life total to 0, and that card is Glorybringer! 

Watch the clip above

Wow! This will definitely be one of the most-replayed Pro Tour moments ever. 

Congrats to Wyatt Darby for winning Pro Tour Dominaria

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