Watch: MTG Pro Pulls Off Forerunner Polyraptor Combo Live at GP Indianapolis

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
January 22, 2018  12:03 PM

The recently-released Rivals of Ixalan set brought new dinosaur Magic: The Gathering cards to the game, and for the first time ever, we get to see one of them combo off in live coverage. 

At Round 11 of Grand Prix Indianapolis (Limited format) last weekend, Magic pro player Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa managed to pull off the "Forerunner Polyraptor" combo against his opponent Austin Bursavich. With Forerunner of the Empire in play, PVDDR played Polyraptor, causing their abilities to trigger and make a total of 6 additional copies.

Watch the clip via Magic: The Gathering's official Twitch channel here: 

Here are the cards for reference: 

So what exactly happened? Here's an explanation by Redditor seink

Polyraptor enters the battlefield

Forerunner deals 1 damage to Polyraptor

Polyraptor (Poly0) creates 1 copy (Poly1) 

Forerunner deals damage to Poly0 and Poly1

Poly0 and Poly1 create Poly2 and Poly3

Poly2 resolves

Forerunner deals damage to Poly0, Poly1, Poly2. Forerunner dies. 

Poly0, Poly1, Poly2 create Poly4, Poly5, Poly6

So there are a total of 7 Polyraptors in the field, including the original Polyraptor. The combo also managed to kill his opponent's creatures. Awesome! Though he could have made 7 copies if he chose not to trigger Forerunner's ability after Poly2 resolved. 

I know some players are already brewing combo ideas with Polyraptor but I didn't expect to see it combo off in the first Grand Prix after Rivals of Ixalan was released. 

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