Two-Time Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Champion Caught Cheating on Camera Twice

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
October 14, 2018  03:57 PM

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Canadian Magic: The Gathering pro player Dan Lanthier was caught cheating while playing a Modern game of Magic. In a Twitch clip by Mtgcanada, the two-time Grand Prix champion is seen cracking his Woodland Foothills to fetch a Stomping Ground but instead of getting it directly from his library, he picks the card from his graveyard and puts it on the front of his library so he can easily get it after seemingly searching his deck. 

Watch the clip below: 


Lanthier, who was playing the Dredge deck on the right of the video, was supposed to get a card from his deck but the way he sneaked a card from his graveyard was obviously cheating.

In the same match, he was also caught not discarding cards from his hand after casting Faithless Looting. Here's the card just in case you're not familiar with it: 

You can watch the clip here: 


This seems less intentional than the first cheating offense but as a professional player, he should know that he's required to discard two cards after drawing two with Faithless Looting. 

Lanthier shared his thoughts on Twitter about his actions, explaining that he tried to "restore the game state". Check out the tweets from Lanthier's now-private Twitter page: 

Lanthier also posted a statement on Facebook, which you can read below: 

These video clips were painful to watch, especially from a two-time Magic Grand Prix Champion, and they make you wonder how many times Lanthier may have cheated outside of video coverage. It may be easy for the viewers to spot the cheat because of the top camera view but it's barely noticeable across the table. DCI is likely to suspend Lanthier from playing in a sanctioned event. 

Lanthier is not the only Dan who was caught cheating in Magic this year. Earlier this month, Dan Ward was suspended by the DCI for cheating at a Pro Tour. It's pretty sad to see these so-called "pros" and hopefully, DCI and Wizards of the Coast will do more to penalize Magic players like them. 

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