This LEGO Machine Automatically Scans and Appraises Magic Cards For You

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - May 16, 2018

Screenshot: Hackster

Maker Michael Portera recently rediscovered his Magic: The Gathering collection in a box, and when he wondered how many cards he has and how much they're worth, he decided to create a machine to keep track of the number of cards he found and how much they're worth. 

To automate the process, he built a small feeding mechanism out of LEGO. There's a hopper that holds the cards with tiny motorized tires pushing the next card onto a tray.

The machine used Amazon Rekognition to turn the image into a string of text which is then fed into the TCGplayer API to search its price. 

Portera said that, by using his machine, he learned that his cards were worth around $275. 

Although $275 isn't a big sum of money for the effort Portera put into building this machine, this sum is for the less desirable cards since he noted that he already took out the obviously expensive cards he was familiar with. 

Check out Portera's video clips: 




If you want to learn how to create this machine, you can read the full guide that Portera provided here

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