Theros Beyond Death Previews Reveal Tymaret, Erebos's Intervention & More

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January 03, 2020  04:41 PM


Tymaret, The Murder King of Theros, will return in the forthcoming Magic: The Gathering set Theros Beyond Death, and today Wizards of the Coast has revealed the new card that depicts the legednary undead warrior and the de facto leader of Odunos, the polis inhabited by the violent Returned who have escaped the clutches of the plane's Underworld and its God Erebos. In Theros Beyond Death's story, Tymaret has been chosen by Erebos to be a demigod to serve as the leader of his forces. 

Check out "Tymaret, Chosen from Death" with art illustrated by Chase Stone:

It's interesting that they made the demigods uncommon in this set, but they were rare, their power levels will probably be pushed a bit more. Its double-black mana in its casting cost can help fuel black devotion, and the higher the black devotion you have, the higher its toughness is. Tymaret can also exile cards from any graveyard while gaining you life for each creature exiled this way. The art looks pretty epic but the abilities don't seem to match Tymaret's murderous character. 

Here are some of the other Theros Beyond Death cards revealed today:


Erebos's Intervention

Haktos the Unscarred

Shimmering Chimera

Omen of the Sun

Omen of the Forge

Pious Wayfarer

You can check out the new Thassa and other Theros Beyond Death cards revealed today here

Theros Beyond Death, the 83rd Magic: The Gathering expansion, is set to release on January 24, 2020. Prerelease events will take place on January 17-19.

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