The Next Magic: The Gathering Ban & Restricted Announcement Moved, and Here's Why

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October 09, 2019  04:55 PM


Earlier this week, Magic: The Gathering just had its ban and restricted announcement, and even though no changes were made in any MTG formats, some Standard players want Wizards of the Coast to cripple decks that use "Golos, Tireless Pilgrim" and "Field of the Dead" because of their recent dominant power level in the Standard meta. Now, since neither of those cards were banned, players are looking forward to the next scheduled  MTG ban and restricted announcement, and it looks like it's going to come sooner than originally planned. 

"We previously announced the next B&R date as Nov. 18," the official Magic Esports Twitter account announced. "After further reflection on the (very busy) competitive gaming schedule and discussion on implementation windows with our digital teams, we are shifting that next announcement to Oct. 21."

November is going to be a busy month for competitive Magic, and although Wizards didn't mention if they're making any changes in the next ban and restricted announcement, the move to have a second B&R announcement in the same month could mean that they are planning to ban, restrict, or unban something later this month. 

Wizards went on to confirm that there will be no changes in Vintage format due to the proximity of Eternal Weekend at that time, but here are the possible changes Wizards might make in the next B&R announcement:

Field of the Dead (Banned in Standard)

Astrolabe (Banned in Pauper)

Urza, Lord High Artificer (Banned in Modern)

Mox Opal (Banned in Modern)

Here's what many MTG players want but will probably not happen:

Splinter Twin (Unbanned in Modern)

What MTG cards do you think will get the ban hammer in the next B&R announcement? 

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