Star Wars Fans Plead Lucasfilm To Continue The Expanded Universe With Billboard

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
April 19, 2016  08:36 PM

What you're seeing above is not a hoax. A group of Star Wars fans has taken their campaign for more stories set in the "Expended Universe" (Now called Star Wars Legends) public in a great way with a billboard advertising in San Francisco, California. 


Originally growing through a number of novels, comics and video games, and growing from projects like the original 1976 Marvel Comics Star Wars series, Star Wars Legends told the story of what came after the original Star Wars trilogy before The Force Awakens rewrote the script for a new cinematic future for the franchise. While stories and characters from Legends stopped shortly after the sale of LucasFilm to Disney, many of the projects from that era have remained in print under the Star Wars Legends banner.

So would you like to see Lucasfilm continue the Expanded Universe? 

You can check out more about the plea at

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