Rob Liefeld's Comic Book Series Prophet is Being Adapted Into A Feature Film

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - July 12, 2018

Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool and several other Marvel characters, has another one of his comic book creations getting a big screen adaptation. Studio 8 has acquired the rights to Liefeld's 1992 series, Prophet, THR reports. 

In Liefeld's comics, John Prophet is kind of like Captain America, a DNA-enhanced super soldier from the World War 2 era who awakens in our time after being put in cryogenic freeze for a mission in the future. However, he was not supposed to wake up until years in the future, so he ends up searching for a mission that doesn't exist. 

Prophet first appeared in the Image Comics series Youngblood and ended up having his own spinoff series in 1993. Here's what Liefeld told THR: 

"It makes sense that it's a destination that we can arrive at if we are successful. We're taking the best of Prophet to create the best cinematic version of Prophet that we can. He's very pure in his motives to help out his family and ends up becoming something completely different."

Liefeld said that Prophet is one of the characters that fans have been asking him the most when it comes to movie adaptations, and he ultimately chose Studio 8 after turning down other studios over the year. He says that Studio 8 made the right pitch. 

"They did their homework, and not only did they do homework, they are true fans," Liefeld said. 

Are you excited to see the Prophet movie? 

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