Original Magic: The Gathering Urza's Rage Art That Went Missing in France Finally Found!

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
February 13, 2020  04:00 PM


Last week, we reported about a Magic: The Gathering original art called Urza's Rage, illustrated by Jim Murray, that went missing on its way to France. The original post by Redditor GessKalDan claimed that the art piece was last received by French customs, and he said that it disappeared in transit to France, but it turns out that it was held by customs. 

In his new post on the Magic Subreddit, the art collector noted that there are two tracking numbers for anyone shipping internationally through USPS/EMS.

Update: Found! Urza's Rage original painting by Jim Murray. For future reference, anyone shipping internationally through USPS/EMS, your receipt actually has two tracking numbers on it. It was held in customs. from r/magicTCG

He probably was just keeping track of one, so he thought it got lost or stolen, but thankfully, he learned a lesson and found it. 

Jim Murray's version of "Urza's Rage" is the second art Wizards of the Coast published for this particular Magic: The Gathering card. 

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