Only 4 Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021 Cards Are Worth More Than $10 Now

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July 31, 2020  02:55 PM


Last month, we listed down the 9 Magic: The Gathering cards in Core Set 2021 that are worth more than $10, but many of the cards' prices dropped, and now only four cards from the latest set are worth $10 or more. Note that the foil or full-art versions don't count. 

Here are the 4 Core Set 2021 cards worth more than $10: 

Teferi, Master of Time

When Core Set 2021 was first released, Teferi, Master of Time was worth around $60 but since then it has dropped to around $30. It's still considered one of the most powerful Planeswalker cards ever printed, but it's currently not seeing a lot of play in the competitive meta of Standard and eternal Constructed formats. 


Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

The Ugin, the Spirit Dragon was initially valued around $30 when it was reprinted for Core Set 2021, but it slightly dropped to around $27. 


Grim Tutor

Since Grim Turor was reprinted in Core Set 2021, its price fell from $200 to $27, but now it's valued around $15. 

Terror of the Peaks

The Mythic Rare red dragon from Core Set 2021 didn't drop much: it was initially valued at $15 and it's around $13 now. 

It's not surprising to see that many of the Core Set 2021 cards dropped in price. Ugin is seeing a fair amount of play but the other three Mythic Rares listed here are not seeing much play. If Teferi, Master of Time becomes more vialbe in Standard, its price might go back up, but I doubt that will happen, and if it does, it probably won't raise its value back up to $60. 

Core Set 2021 is now available on paper and digitally. 

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