Number of Magic: The Gathering Legendary Creatures in Throne of Eldraine Revealed

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September 08, 2019  10:02 PM


Magic: The Gathering's forthcoming fairy tale-themed expansion will feature a good amount of new legendary creatures that players can use for the Standard format or Brawl. Although less than half of the cards in Throne of Eldraine have only been revealed, now we know about how many legendary creatures the set will feature. 

Magic head designer Mark Rosewater confirmed on his Blogatog that he doesn't know the exact number but he said that there are about fifteen legendary creatures in Throne of Eldraine

So far, Wizards of the Coast only revealed two legendary cards from Throne of Eldraine: "Syr Konrad, the Grim" and "Rankle, Master of Pranks". 

There are six if you count the Brawl legends but I don't think Rosewater isn't counting those since they can't be acquired in draft booster packs. So that means that there are still about thirteen legendary creatures they haven't revealed yet. 

Last week, Rosewater revealed that Throne of Eldraine is "higher in legendary creatures than average, but well below Dominaria levels," so fifteen is an accurate amount based on that description.

It looks like there will be a cycle of legendary uncommon knights in Throne of Eldraine, and we'll probably find out at least some of them later this week, so check out the list of upcoming official preview sources here

What do you think the remaining legends in Throne of Eldraine will be? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Throne of Eldraine, the 82nd Magic expansion, is set to release on October 4 (Tabletop), and September 26 on Magic Arena. Prerelease events will take place on September 27 to 29.

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