New Magic: The Gathering Mobile Game 'Valor's Reach' Revealed

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
March 22, 2019  01:12 PM

Wizards of the Coast

While Magic: The Gathering fans are still hoping for Magic: The Gathering Arena to make its way to tablets, Wizards of the Coast is preparing a new mobile game that should satisfy their cravings, and it's called Valor's Reach. TouchArcade revealed the upcoming mobile game, and it looks like a unique game entirely different from the actual MTG card game. 

Wizards of the Coast/ via Toucharcade

The game's title is the same name as the stadium where Magic duels are fought. That's fitting for a game that Wizards describe as “quick, competitive, and casual 1v1 battles that can be played anytime, anywhere."

Wizards of the Coast/ via Toucharcade

Here's what Executive Producer Dan McAuliffe said about the game: “Valor’s Reach is a fast, fun, and explosive mobile CCG that features a rich variety of heroes based on Magic: The Gathering’s Planeswalkers."

Wizards of the Coast/ via Toucharcade

Valor's Reach will be free to download, and new cards can be acquired via in-game quests and by opening packs.

“This game offers a new take on mobile CCGs by combining opportunistic bluffing and counterplay that delivers unparalleled depth and strategy with true mobile accessibility," McAuliffe said. “Vertical gameplay allows for one-handed use for an even more unique experience in the genre."



Valor's Reach will focus on Planeswalkers and each one will have their own unique card types and playstyles, with pre-made decks for new players to use for competition right away. According to Wizards, deck building and customization will still be part of the overall experience.

Valor's Reach is being developed by a well-known studio. 

“We are excited to be partnering with Seismic Games, a great mobile studio known for such hits as Marvel Strike Force, for the development of Valor’s Reach,"  McAuliffe said. “Soft launch is starting soon in limited regions on Android, and we’re super excited to start hearing from our players and gathering the feedback that will help us launch the game successfully."

According to Toucharcade, Android users in the Nordic region can play Valor's Reach starting the week of March 25 but no release dates have been announced for the rest of the world yet. We'll keep you updated here once we hear more about this game. 

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