New Magic: The Gathering Arena In-Game Emotes Revealed

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September 16, 2020  11:38 AM



The new Magic: The Gathering set Zendikar Rising will finally launch on MTG Arena this Thursday, and there's a major update to the game coming with it. In addition to the new mechanics and the Standard rotation update, Wizards of the Coast has revealed the new customizable in-game emotes that players can unlock from the Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass and in-game events. 

Players will be able to edit their emotes through their Profile page, right next to Avatar and Pet select, once they've added the emote options to their collection. There is no maximum to your choices, so you can scroll through them while in-game by using arrow buttons by the emote selection. 


The stickers feature five different hedrons of each MTG color, and as you can see below, there are different emote options you can choose. 

It's about time for the game to get new emotes; options have been limited since the game was released; you can only say one of the five classic expressions: "Hello!", "Nice!", "Thinking...", "Oops", and "Good Game". They also added short resopnses to some of those emotes like "Sorry". Hopefully, we'll see more emotes added in every new MTG set released. 

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Zendikar Rising will be available on Magic: The Gathering Arena starting this Thursday, September 17. 

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