New Magic: The Gathering Arena Historic Event Offers Huge Rewards

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January 10, 2020  01:02 PM


Magic: The Gathering Arena has a new event for players who love the game's non-rotating Historic format, and it's called Historic Challenge. Players can join today until January 13, 1 p.m. PT, and the cost is 10,000 Gold or 2,000 Gems. The format is Traditional (best-of-three) Historic. You can have up to eight wins or three losses (whichever comes first). 

That's a huge price for an MTG Arena event, but if you look at the prizes offered below, more players might be more incentivized to participate. You can get a Gaea's Cradle sleeve and/or a Treasure Hunt sleeve as well as a bunch of in-game Gold and Historic booster packs (evenly distributed among Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria, and Core Set 2019). 

Here are the details of the event's rewards Wizards of the Coast revealed: 

8 Wins: 40 Historic booster packs, 15,000 Gold, Treasure Hunt Sleeve and Gaea’s Cradle Sleeve

7 Wins: 20 Historic booster packs, 10,000 Gold, Treasure Hunt Sleeve and Gaea’s Cradle Sleeve

6 Wins: 12 Historic booster packs, 8,000 Gold, Treasure Hunt Sleeve and Gaea’s Cradle Sleeve

5 Wins: Historic booster packs, 6,000 Gold, Treasure Hunt Sleeve and Gaea’s Cradle Sleeve

4 Wins: 4 Historic rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs) 4,000 Gold, Treasure Hunt Sleeve

3 Wins: 4 Historic rare ICRs, 3,000 Gold, Treasure Hunt Sleeve

2 Wins: 4 Historic rare ICRs, 2,000 Gold, Treasure Hunt Sleeve

1 Win: 4 Historic rare ICRs, 1,000 Gold, Treasure Hunt Sleeve

0 Wins: 4 Historic rare ICRs, Treasure Hunt Sleeve

Historic ICRs grant cards from previous Standard sets on Magic Arena, and they do not include cards that were never considered Standard legal on the game (e.g. cards from Historic Anthologies). Historic rare ICRs may upgrade to a mythic rare (1:8). 

Are you going to join this MTG Arena event?

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