More Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine Card Quality Issues Reveal Miscuts & Texture Differences

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October 10, 2019  02:42 PM


Throne of Eldraine, the 82nd Magic: The Gathering expansion, was officially released last Friday so many fans have already opened their new booster boxes and Collector's Edition boxes but some people have been noticing some card quality issues with several reporting that the Throne of Eldraine Collector's packs are cut in a way that denotes that they are misshaped and oversized. 

An MTG fan named Nicole sent us some photos showing the clear difference between the Throne of Eldraine booster boxes he bought from a TCGPlayer seller and the cards she got from the Collector's Edition booster box. As you can see in the photo below, the whiter sides come from the Collector's booster box and the darker sides come from the regular booster boxes. She said that the boxes of the regular Throne of the Eldraine case said that the cards inside were printed in Japan. 

In the photo below, she points out that the left card from the regular booster box (Hushbringer) feels a lot smoother on the back and the card from the Collector's booster (Giant Killer) feels normal. 

Another Magic fan uploaded a box-opening video of Throne of Eldraine boxes on YouTube, and reported some differences: there are miscut corners between cards from Collector boosters and regular boosters, and the print quality of the cards from the Collector's boosters felt off - it looks like the ink is faded or bleeding. The differences of the card quality are clear in the video, and he also said that the Japanese-printed cards have a smoother feel. 

Someone also shared a photo that shows a stack of cards confirming that the cards from the Throne of Eldraine Collector's packs are cut in a way that denotes that they are misshaped and oversized. 

Spot the collector pack cards in a stack of cards out of normal booster packs. from r/magicTCG

Last week, some collectors online, including Rudy from Alpha Investments, reported that the Collector's booster boxes are mappable

I'm enjoying the Throne of Eldraine expansion but I hope Wizards of the Coast will improve the quality of cards for future printings. The differences in their look and feel are clear, and if they're going to make a product premium, they should have at least made the card quality better. Thankfully, some people reported that they haven't seen any print issues in their Collector's boosters. 

Throne of Eldraine is now availalble for tabletop and Magic Arena

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