People Are Getting Magic: The Gathering Masters 25 Boxes With Identical Rares & Mythics

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - March 14, 2018

Screen Cap: Alpha Investments/YouTube

Update: A new video showed a London store opening 8 boxes of Masters 25 and there were no issues.

Masters 25, the new Magic: The Gathering compilation set, will be released this Friday, and some people who were already able to get their hands on some booster boxes have noticed that they're getting identical rares and mythic rares. 

Rudy from Alpha Investments YouTube channel recently made a video of him opening a couple of boxes of Masters 25, and surprisingly, he got mostly the same rare and mythic rare cards except for Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Watch the video here: 

Others on Reddit have reported the same issue.  One Redditor said, "Its happening everywhere. Just at my local LGS (Local Game Shop) sorting cards and it's all the same! DO NOT BUY THESE BOXES. The'yre planning on returning them all"

It seems that either this is just a coincidence, or that the randomization level of Masters 25 booster packs isn't the same as other sets. We'll probably do a booster box opening video for Masters 25 to see it ourselves. There's a possibility that Masters 25 could be mapped, and that could be problematic for people in the MTG community. 

Masters 25 will have 249 cards. Its MSRP price for each booster pack is $9.99. It will be available on March 16, 2018, in English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese languages.

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