Magic: The Gathering War of The Spark Originally Had Different Deaths

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July 05, 2019  01:05 PM


Magic: The Gathering's recent War of the Spark storyline saw the deaths of some familiar planeswalkers like Gideon, Dack Fayden, and Domri but did you know that the writers of one of MTG's most epic storylines originally planned to kill different characters? 

When a fan asked Magic Head Designer Mark Rosewater about the creative process of War of the Spark, the Magic Head Designer revealed on his Blogatog that Wizards of the Coast had a different plan. 

"Very early in the planning of the story Ajani was going to die instead of Gideon and Vraska was going to die instead of Domri," Rosewater wrote. "Dack dying didn’t happen until the novel was written, so pretty late in the process."

In Greg Weisman's War of the Spark: Ravnica novel, Gideon dies after making the ultimate sacrifice to save Liliana. Rosewater didn't say if they had the same plan with Ajani's death but Gideon's death fits the story well since he seems to have stronger ties with Liliana. 

Although the War of the Spark story featured some major planeswalker deaths, I was expecting more characters to die given the epic scale of the war against Nicol Bolas.

What do you think about the deaths of War of the Spark and the changes they made? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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