Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine Previews Reveal New Castles & Rare Cards

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September 17, 2019  10:40 AM


The last few Magic: The Gathering cards from Throne of Eldraine have been revealed today, and they include a cycle of rare Castle lands, a broom Artifact Creature card, a board-wiping giant, and a red/green Sorcery that lets you play the top five cards from your library that you exile until the end of your next turn. 

First of all, check out this amazing art of the "Castle Vantress' card illustrated by John Avon: 

Here's the cycle of rare castle lands from Throne of Eldraine:

Castle Vantress

"Castle of Lochtwain"

Castle Embereth

Castle Garenbrig

Magic head designer Mark Rosewater previously confirmed that Throne of Eldraine will not feature a rare dual land cycle but expect to see a cycle of rare lands in the set. "There is not a rare dual land cycle although there is a rare land cycle," Rosewater said on his Blogatog. "They’ll appear in other sets."

Check out the other rare cards from Throne of Eldraine revealed today: 

Realm-Cloaked Giant

Acclaimed Contender

Escape to the Wilds

Overwhelmed Apprentice

"Wallbreaker Giant"


~ can’t be blocked by knights or walls

Sorcerer's Broom
Now that all the cards from Throne of Eldraine have been revealed, what do you think about the new fairy tale-themed set as a whole? Which cards do you think will see a lot of play in Standard? Feel free to discuss in the comments section below. 

Throne of Eldraine, the 82nd Magic expansion, is set to release on October 4. Prerelease events will take place on September 27 to 29. 

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