Magic: The Gathering Secret Lairs Reportedly Contain Additional Promos

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December 02, 2019  03:07 PM


On Monday, Wizards of the Coast just launched the Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair drop series, collectible sets that group cards with fantastic themes and wild new art styles, and while fans already knew what special alternate-art promo cards each of the Secret Lairs contain thanks to the early previews, there are reportedly some surprises included in them. 

Now, fans can order the first drop of Secret Lair online and the whole bundle that includes all seven Secret Lairs, and according to reports, each Secret Lair contains an additional unique promo. Professional Poker and MTG player Eric Froehlich recently revealed the bonus promos included in each Secret Lair, and all of them are War of the Spark planeswalker cards with the unique glass-art style. 

Check them out: 

The OMG Kitties! Secret Lair comes with "Ajani, the Greathearted" promo:

The Eldraine Wonderland Secret Lair comes with "Teyo, Shieldmage" promo:

The Restless in Peace Secret Lair comes with "Jace, Wielder of Mysteries" promo:

The Explosion Sounds Secret Lair comes with "Nahiri, Storm of Stone" promo:

The Kaleidoscope Killers Secret Lair comes with the "Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God" promo:

The Seeing Visions Secret Lair comes with "Ashiok, Dream Render" promo:

The Bitterblossom Dreams Secret Lair comes with "Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord" promo:

Froelich notes that the tweets are not sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. He was able to get the Secret Lair bundle because he lives in Seattle, the location of WotC's headquarters. Wizards of the Coast hasn't yet confirmed if these additional promos will be included in all copies of Secret Lairs but it would be awesome if all Secret Lairs will have these. These unique promos will motivate more people to order Secret Lairs, so if you're interested in buying, be sure to check out the order page before they're gone. 

For more information about the Secret Lair products, check out the full details here.  

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