Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair – The Path Not Traveled! Revealed

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
May 25, 2020  02:42 PM


A new batch of Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair drops will be available early June, and today, Wizards of the Coast and sponsored content creators have revealed the new print-on-demand products. One of the three Secret Lair drops revealed today is called Secret Lair – The Path Not Traveled!  This Secret Lair features four planeswalkers with alternate art portraying them in alternate worlds. 

Over on Twitter, MTG cosplayers revealed the four planeswalker cards that will be featured in the new Secret Lair along with their cosplay photos. Check out the tweets from Tappitha, Olivia, Jackal Costuming, and Manju: 

Each copy of Secret Lair – The Path Not Traveled! includes:

1x foil alt-art Ajani Steadfast

1x foil alt-art Domri Rade

1x foil alt-art Tamiyo, Field Researcher

1x foil alt-art Vraska, Golgari Queen

1x single-use code for a The Path Not Traveled MTG Arena sleeve

1x single-use code to redeem one (1) of each card in Magic Online


Secret Lair – The Path Not Traveled! will be available on the official Secret Lair website on June 3 for 24 hours. 

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