Magic: The Gathering R&D Head Explains What Players Need to Do To Get Brawl in Magic Arena

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
April 08, 2019  02:17 PM

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Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater recently said that Wizards of the Coast are not giving up on the Brawl format, reminding us that there's a lot of legendary cards in the upcoming set War of the Spark. Now, some fans are wondering if we'll ever see the casual format in Magic Arena but according to Rosewater, the best way to show an interest of seeing Brawl on digital is by playing it first on tabletop. 

On his Blogatog, Rosewater responded to fan who said that the fact that Brawl is missing in Magic Arena is a huge indicator that Wizards of the Coast doesn't support Brawl. "The reality is a little backwards," Rosewater said. "There’s a lot Magic: The Gathering Arena could do. Popularity in tabletop would help communicate that this is something players would enjoy on MTG Arena. If you like the idea of Brawl and want to eventually see it in digital, playing it in tabletop is the best way of showing that interest."

Brawl is an official casual format that uses Commander rules but only using the Standard card pool. The format was introduced last year but the lack of Brawl events and participants indicate that a lot of players didn't like the format. Last year at Grand Prix Barcelona, a player won a scheduled multiplayer Brawl event by default for being the only participant. 

It's a shame that there's not a lot of Brawl players right now but I think it's a fun format that deserves to be added on Magic Arena

Would you like to see Brawl in Magic Arena? Do you think the format has a future for Magic players? Share your thoughts in the comments area below. 

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