Magic: The Gathering Pro Player Tom Ross Issues Statement After Being Cut From SCG

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
November 25, 2019  02:33 PM


American Magic: The Gathering professional player Tom "The Boss" Ross recently took it to Twitter to inform his fans that Star City Games told him that they no longer need him to write articles for their website anymore, saying that it happened "during the greatest point of weakness in my life" while thanking fans who followed his content. 

On Monday, the 36-year-old MTG player, who's best known for his deck-building prowess, took it to Reddit to release a statement explaining how he was "abruptly cut without warning". 

"I've talked to Cedric Phillips (the Content Coordinator) and have emailed Pete Hoefling, the president of StarCityGames," Ross wrote. "The messages between Cedric have been met with expected coldness and push back. I've explained my poor mental state which has been taken as laziness. Pete has not responded. I've offered to write one farewell article which has been denied."

Ross went on to thank his fans after admitting that his articles haven't been getting enough views, saying, "My articles haven't been hitting as well lately, which is an understandable business decision. I feel like they miss on the intangibles that aren't just hard numbers. The people that show up to events to meet me and sign their cards and playmats and the people that buy and play my decks. I'm so grateful for everyone that comes up to me and tell me they're the reason they play Modern or Legacy because of my Infect, Mono-Red, 8-Rack, Heroic articles, or whatever I'm messing with at the time."

Ross concluded the statement by continuing to thank fans for the support, and saying that he's in a better mental state now. 

A few hours after posting the statement on Reddit, Ross shared an emotional video with the caption: "Wasn't easy but I got it out. I'm moving on."

With four Grand Prix Top 8s and one Pro Tour Top 8 on his belt, Ross is well known for his success on the independent circuit, having won two SCG Invitationals events. He is best known for developing and popularizing the Blue/Green Infect archetype in Legacy. In November 2017, Ross worked for the Magic Play Design team at Wizards of the Coast, and helped develop the Modern Horizons set. 

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