Magic: The Gathering Player Suspended 6 Months For Cheating at A Pro Tour

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
October 04, 2018  03:53 AM

Wizards of the Coast

At Magic: The Gathering's Pro Tour 25th Anniversary, player Dan Ward was disqualified for trying to undo his mistake by misrepresenting Meddling Mage's ability. Now, it looks like Ward is getting a bigger consequence for his actions. According to a recent DCI membership update, Ward has been suspended for six months so that means he won't be able to play in sanctioned Magic tournaments for that period of time. 

Here's the official statement from Wizards of the Coast: 

"During Round 7, Ward's opponent activated Æther Vial. Ward allowed the ability to resolve, which his opponent used to put a Meddling Mage into play," Wizards of the Coast explained."Ward attempted to then cast Path to Exile on another creature "in response" to Meddling Mage naming a card when there was no window to respond."

"During the investigation, Ward argued he thought Meddling Mage's ability was a triggered ability upon entering play. However, after investigation, judges determined Ward knew that Meddling Mage was not a triggered ability and that his statements to his opponent and the judges were attempts to undo his mistake of not casting Path to Exile in response to the Aether Vial activation."

Since it was a team pro tour, Dan Ward's team was disqualified as well. 

A Redditor pointed out that he's the same player who put a land into play untapped (on camera) from his opponent's Path to Exile and used it immediately to cast a Slippery Bogle. When he was called out, he picked up his opponent's Path to Exile card as if he didn't know how it worked. You can watch the moment at the 49-minute mark in the  clip here: 
Watch Grand Prix Toronto - Day 2 - Modern from Magic on Do you think Dan Ward deserves the 6-month suspension or more? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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