Magic: The Gathering Online Launches New UserVoice System

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February 25, 2020  06:39 PM


Wizards of the Coast has announced that Magic: The Gathering Online is changing the way it will track bugs with its newly launched UserVoice system. Since the beginning, MTGO's bug tracking has been based on reports sent into Customer Service that were then transferred to the game's Bug Blog. The new system will allow users to publicly post issues they encounter, review issues that others have encountered, and vote to help determine the relative importance of each issue. They can out the Magic Online Customer Support page ( by clicking "Report a Bug." 

Wizards explained the advantages of the new system over the old: "For starters, this crowdsourced format will be a better real-time tracker of our known issues, and it will replace our Bug Blog," WotC clarified. "It also lets us respond directly to reported issues and lets you know what's being worked on, what needs more information, or what is fixed. The UserVoice structure makes it easier to ask follow-up questions if need be, though it's still important to give as much information as possible when reporting a bug so we can prioritize issues quickly. Most importantly, the ability for players to vote on the issues that are impacting them improves our team's ability to identify which issues are most important to players without relying on data from reimbursement requests."

This will help the developers of Magic Online see which bugs they need to fix right away, but Wizards noted that the new bug system doesn't change the way reimbursement requests work, and although the new system is available now, it's still sparsely populated, so they will transfer items from the Bug Blog or add issues over time. Users can upvote and provide details about the bugs. 

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