Magic: The Gathering Online Gets A New Chat Feature

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
December 05, 2018  09:29 PM

Wizards of the Coast

Can't stand the saltiness of toxic players while playing Magic Online? If you answered yes, you will love the latest update for the game. 

Today, Wizards of the Coast have announced that they're adding a new feature to Magic Online: the ability to hide game chat while leaving your game log visible. Right now, the chat will be hidden by default. If you get a message during the game, you will see the chat icon turn yellow. You can check the message by clicking "Show Chat". 

If you want to opt out of these notifications altogether, you can click "Ignore Chat" so you won't get any chat notifications anymore but of course, you can reverse your selections at any time using the chat options if you ever change your mind. 

Players can also show and hide their Game Log from this menu. 

If you want to just chat with your buddies in the game, you can go into your account settings, and, in the "Buddies, Clan, and Chat" section, choose the "Game Chat: Allow Only Buddies" option. 

Are you happy about the new feature? Hopefully, this update will improve your Magic Online experience. 

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