Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship VI Metagame Revealed: 69% of Players Are Playing Oko

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November 08, 2019  09:18 PM


The Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship VI is happening this weekend at Richmond, Virginia, and if you're expecting to see a lot of Oko decks in the Standard portion of the event, you're definitely right. 

Today, Wizards of the Coast has revealed the Day 1 metagame breakdown for Mythic Championship VI, and a bunch of players are playing Standard decks that run the oppressively ban-worthy Throne of Eldraine card "Oko, Thief of Crowns". 

The Top 3 decks are Food variants (Sultai, Simic, and Bant Food) that play it, but let's not forget that there are Sacrifice decks that play blue so they can use the overpowered Planeswalker, bringing the total percentage of players playing Oko to 69%, according to former pro player/master mathematician Frank Karsten. 

Watch Karsten confirm the percentage in the Twitch clip below: 

And here are the most played cards at the Mythic Championship VI Standard portion: 

Unsurprisingly, they're all green and they're all used in Food builds that play Oko. 

After seeing Oko's recent dominance in the Standard format, this isn't surprising at all. Fans are already expecting to see a lot of Oko mirror matches in this tournament, and Wizards of the Coast already expressed that they don't have any intention to ban any card until their next scheduled ban and restricted announcement on November 18. 

If you haven't been updated to the Standard format and want to understand why Oko is broken, watch Ben Stark's explanation on this video

The Mythic Championship VI (tabletop) will run from November 8 to 10, and the formats are Throne of Eldraine booster draft and Standard. 

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