Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons Draft Returns Online

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
March 24, 2020  03:25 PM


Wizards of the Coast has announced the changes coming to Magic: The Gathering Online in the upcoming weeks, and one of the most exciting things they announced is the return of Modern Horizons booster draft. 

For one week starting next Wednesday, April 1 at 10 a.m. PT, MTGO players can draft Modern Horizons, and Drafts will include both Phantom and non-Phantom events. Phantom entry costs 10 Event Tickets, 100 Play Points, or 5 Modern Horizons Tokens, and non-Phantom entry costs 25 Event Tickets, 250 Play Points, 10 Modern Horizons Tokens, or 3 Modern Horizons boosters plus 4 Event Tickets.


Modern Horizons was last year's "Innovation Product" that features Modern legal Magic cards. Hopefully, WotC's move to bring back Modern Horizons draft in MTGO will help drive the prices of the set's staples down since "Force of Negation" costs $80 each and "Ice-Fang Coatl" costs around $30 right now. 

Wizards also announced that they're adding a series of qualifiers to MTGO to provide additional ways for players to compete and qualify for upcoming Players Tour events, and they're called Magic Online Super Qualifiers. These online events will run alongside Magic Online Qualifiers and will continue to invite players to Players Tour Series 2 events. 

Are you excited to play Modern Horizons Draft on MTGO


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