3 Magic: The Gathering Jumpstart Basic Land Paintings Sell For Nearly $25,000

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
July 06, 2020  12:31 PM


Magic: The Gathering's upcoming supplemental product Jumpstart is set to release this month, and the only three traditional paintings for the basic lands featured in it were sold on the MTG Art Market for nearly $25,000 combined.

The "Unicorn" Plains by Donato Giancola was sold for $10,100 on June 29.


According to the auction description, the art direction requested Giancolo to paint a dreamlike landscape with clounds in the distant taking the form of a pack of charging unicorns. 


The "Reanimated" Swamp by Lucas Graciano was sold for $8,200 on June 22. 



The "Goblin" Mountain by Ralph Horsley was sold for $6,000 on June 30. 

Ralph fused together deep purple silhouettes into deep reds, adding highlights of oranges with soft purples.

There are forty new basic land artoworks in Jumpstart, but these are the only three with finished traditional paintings. The supplemental Magic set features wonderful artwork, and it's not surprising to see that the original art collecting community has put a lot of money into acquiring these artworks. 

Jumpstart is set to launch on Magic: The Gathering Arena on July 16,  one day after the paper release of the product. 

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