Magic: The Gathering Judge Academy Foil Promos Revealed

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September 18, 2019  11:59 AM


This October, what we currently know as the Magic Judge program will organize its educational program, leadership, level structure, and promotional distribution through a new independent organization known as the Judge Academy, owned by Tim Shields of Cascade Games. Today, the Judge Academy revealed the foil Magic: The Gathering Judge Promos that would be going out as part of their November 15 mailings. These cards will be going out as a thank you to anywho who subscribes to Judge Academy during the month of October. 

Check out the Judge Promo foils: "Chalice of the Void", "Monastery Mentor", "Reflecting Pool", and "Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow":

Chalice of the Void

Monastery Mentor

Reflecting Pool

Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow

These four Judge Promos were announced back in July but they just revealed the new versions today. 

In addition to revealing these new Judge Promos, the Judge Academy announced on that starting in October, their event applicationportal will be live, and with it, Conferences. "In order to be labeled a Judge Academy “Sponsored Conference” with Judge Promo support, an L2+ Judge will need to request sponsorship and give us some information (plan for presentations, etc)," the Judge Academy announced on their Facebook page. "Conference Support for attendees at Sponsored Conferences will include a 4-pack of Judge Promos, consisting of the 2 Conference Exclusive promos, and two other Promos from the previous mailings. This process will be open in October for Jan 2020 conferences and on. For conferences between now and Jan 1, you will continue to use the current method or requesting support." 

These new Judge Promos are great rewards for those who will be part of Judge Academy's program but fans still have a lot of questions about their organization, dues for MTG judges, and why it's non-profit. It looks like the Judge Academy has a solid plan to organize the new program despite being criticized for setting high fees for members. The Judge Academy previously explained the high cost to join the program

What do you think about the new Judge promos? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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