Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Says Q2 2019 Was The Best MTG's Ever Done

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July 26, 2019  11:20 AM


It's a great time to be playing Magic: The Gathering. The popular trading card game from Wizards of the Coast is seeing massive success this year with the franchise leading Hasbro's second quarter of 2019 earnings thanks to the release of recent expansions War of the Spark and Modern Horizons, and now, Magic head designer Mark Rosewater has confirmed that Q2 2019 was the best MTG has ever done. 

Rosewater recently appeared in a new video by The Command Zone, and he confirmed that Magic is growing and at its peak in the second quarter of 2019. 

"The second quarter of 2019 was the best Magic's ever done ever," Rosewater said ."A lot of people are playing Magic." 

You can watch Rosewater say it at the 7:37 mark below: 


Since at least the 3rd quarter of 2018, Magic has been a major area of growth for Hasbro. In Q1 2019, Hasbro's earnings went up 20% thanks to profits from "most notably Magic: The Gathering and Monopoly." Magic's significant growth is most likely attributed to the success of Magic: The Gathering Arena, the latest digital version of the card game. Last April, Brian Goldner, Hasbro’s chairman and chief executive officer told Mad Money that tabletop Magic: The Gathering is growing and Magic Arena is driving more in-store growth and new players. Recently, a Hasbro spokesperson said in an earnings call that “In fact, tabletop has shown increased momentum” alongside digital growth. 

With Arena officially launching later this year and the upcoming Throne of Eldraine set coming this fall, it's likely that Magic will continue to grow and become Hasbro's most profitable franchise.  

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