Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Reveals Which Set He Would Erase From MTG's History

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March 25, 2018  04:07 PM

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Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater recently revealed which block he would erase from the trading card game's 25 years of history. 

When a fan asked him which Magic set he'd remove from the game's history, Rosewater responded on his Blogatog page: "Kamigawa block would save me a lot of mail here," he wrote and followed it with a smiley face, adding, "I’d say Battle for Zendikar block."

Since Rosewater already fired a massive shot at the Kamigawa design team, I knew that he would mention Kamigawa block in his response but I didn't expect him to say Battle For Zendikar. The 2015 set was known for its giant Eldrazi creatures, and mechanics like Ingest, Devoid, and Awaken. Thanks to the block, Eldrazi decks became a thing in Modern format, and a lot of players aren't happy about that. 

Rosewater didn't provide an explanation why he chose Battle For Zendikar.  Maybe he's just trying to avoid conflict by not criticizing Kamigawa's team as harshly as before. He even apologized for it back in January.

Which Magic set would you erase in history? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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